Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Set Sail with Nautical Trends

Boat Party

Boat Party by aprilrain007 featuring sailor shorts

Our Fashion Trend of the Month is Nautical. Ahoy, matey!

Like the waves in the ocean, we know the tides of fashion come and go each season. For those of us who spend our summers near the ocean, the nautical look is a staple in our summer wardrobe. However this year, even for those inlanders who don't spend much time near the deep blue sea, you too should pick up some classic nautical pieces to spice up this summer's wardrobe.

Men's Nautical

Nautical-inspired styles have been featured at many retailers this season from top designers for both men and women. The good thing about this trend is that nautical fashion is always "in" for summer, especially this summer because of the Olympics. With his third collaboration with the United States Olympic Committee, designer Ralph Lauren creates a classic nautical look for the American athletes to wear at the London opening ceremonies. 

Most nautical fashion relies on blue and white hues as well as red. Other colors featured in nautical fashion include black and gold or brass; often the metallic tones take the form of buttons, and we sometimes see them in appliques on garments or fashion accessories. Horizontal sailor stripes dominate nautical fashion this season.

There is something so crisp and clean about stripes and white pants, skirts or shorts. They instantly give off a refreshing feeling, whether you'll be on the water or not.

Anchors Away!!!


  1. We love this trend! Great work xx

  2. I feel American pride when I wear red, white & blue. I love this post!

  3. Lookin' forward to the Olympics. Thanks!

  4. On trend for an Olympics party.