Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All That Glitters

Glitter, Sequins & Metallics

Tis' the season to invest in anything that shines. We must admit, we are obsessed with glitter. We love glitter nail polish, make up, clothing, shoes and accessories. If it sparkles we will buy it. We adore pretty, shiny things!!!

But sequins and sparkles often illicit fear in some, and we'll admit, it can be hard finding that perfect glitter piece. But if today's current trends are any indication, glitter, sequins, and sparkle have transitioned from being cheesy to incredibly chic.

It's actually a huge fashion trend. In fact, glitter and sequins have become a mainstay in versatile fashion. Blogs, magazines, red carpet events and street style, stars are showing how today's fashion is all about some serious sparkle. We're taken notice and found an abundance of ultra glam slip-on shoes, casual tank dresses, and sexy skirts that range from showing a little glitter to sequins galore.

And as for how picking the right pieces, remember gold and silver sequins each offer a different feel. Gold is a bit warmer, a tad more glam, and even slightly more approachable, while silver gives off a cooler but just as chic look.

Depending on the texture, size and sparkle factor, sequins can be used in a big or small way. Subtle sparkle offers a little pizazz into every day work wear, or while larger sequins can serve as the perfect back drop to a fabulous night on the town, without fear of looking like a disco ball. 

A long sequined dress is very feminine but if you find it too much to see yourself from head to toe in glitter wrap, then try alternative metallics. Go for a shiny item such as a metallic top or pants and combine it with simple garments. Glitter aaccessories can stay quiet or completely go over the top. A glitter evening bag adds a pop of sparkle and a classic glitter shoe can complete a sophisticated look. Play with glitter accessories they're fun and easy to work into any outfit.

Whichever piece you choose, these head-turners can make a big difference in the life of your wardrobe. It's time to jazz things up! 

But Ladies, don't forget about glitter makeup and nails this can also make a big impact on your glam look. Dust some glitter eyeshadow over your lids and your eyes suddenly sparkle and shine, people will actually look you in the eye when speaking to you. It's simply irresistible! 

And who doesn't love glitter nail polish? Even the shyest of girls can pull off this trend and it's so easy.

The glitter nail art movement is here (yes, we said movement!). Here is a step-by-step how to achieve your own glitter nail art at home. And, it's not at all difficult!

Step 1:
File the nails first, then apply cuticle softener. Next, place your hands in warm soapy water. Take a metal pusher or an orange stick wrapped in cotton at the tip, dip in the water or polish remover and gently push the cuticle at the base of your nail back to form a smile line.

Step 2:
Apply basecoat. Always. Why? It makes your manicure last longer and protects your nails from staining. It also helps the polish color pop more. You can tell you have a bad basecoat when you take off your polish and your nails are yellow. Invest in a good basecoat.

Step 3:
Pick a polish color of your choice. The darker color, the more the glitter will show up but here we chose nude for a sophisticated look. It a look you can wear to the office and wear out at night. Choose your nude shade based on your skin color. If you're a pale, go peachy. If you're tan, go for a neutral taupe. If you're brown, go for a sheer pink.

Step 4:
Always apply two coasts (it lasts much longer), and never allow the brush to touch the cuticle. Although, it's not an unmitigated disaster if you do just avoid the cuticle. If you do get any polish on the cuticle it will just come right off in the shower, particularly when you wash your hair. Don't take a shower for at least four hours after your mani though, or better yet the next day. Hot water is nail polishes natural born enemy. It cause shrinkage at the tip and encourages chipping.

Step 5:
After two coats of nude polish, let your nails dry completely. You need to work on dry nails because if your polish is still wet you'll leave brush tracks in the nail when you go to add glitter.

Step 6:
Wet your brush again and again remove excess polish, and about a third of the way up the nail make a U-shape down from the edge across the nail, lightly covering all the way across.

Step 7:
Then using a very loaded brush, you make a French tip with a layer of glitter.

Step 8:
Take the more coarse glitter polish, get a good scoop of it and go to town! Dab one stroke all the way down and rest stays mostly at the tip. With the bigger glitter pieces. You can slide them around while they're wet with your fingertip if the brush happens to dump a large clump. 

Step 9:
Always add a top coat, it helps your nail art last longer.

File your nails at least once a week and every time you change your polish. It will make them strong and keep them from snagging.

Have a shiny New Year!!!