Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All That Glitters

Glitter, Sequins & Metallics

Tis' the season to invest in anything that shines. We must admit, we are obsessed with glitter. We love glitter nail polish, make up, clothing, shoes and accessories. If it sparkles we will buy it. We adore pretty, shiny things!!!

But sequins and sparkles often illicit fear in some, and we'll admit, it can be hard finding that perfect glitter piece. But if today's current trends are any indication, glitter, sequins, and sparkle have transitioned from being cheesy to incredibly chic.

It's actually a huge fashion trend. In fact, glitter and sequins have become a mainstay in versatile fashion. Blogs, magazines, red carpet events and street style, stars are showing how today's fashion is all about some serious sparkle. We're taken notice and found an abundance of ultra glam slip-on shoes, casual tank dresses, and sexy skirts that range from showing a little glitter to sequins galore.

And as for how picking the right pieces, remember gold and silver sequins each offer a different feel. Gold is a bit warmer, a tad more glam, and even slightly more approachable, while silver gives off a cooler but just as chic look.

Depending on the texture, size and sparkle factor, sequins can be used in a big or small way. Subtle sparkle offers a little pizazz into every day work wear, or while larger sequins can serve as the perfect back drop to a fabulous night on the town, without fear of looking like a disco ball. 

A long sequined dress is very feminine but if you find it too much to see yourself from head to toe in glitter wrap, then try alternative metallics. Go for a shiny item such as a metallic top or pants and combine it with simple garments. Glitter aaccessories can stay quiet or completely go over the top. A glitter evening bag adds a pop of sparkle and a classic glitter shoe can complete a sophisticated look. Play with glitter accessories they're fun and easy to work into any outfit.

Whichever piece you choose, these head-turners can make a big difference in the life of your wardrobe. It's time to jazz things up! 

But Ladies, don't forget about glitter makeup and nails this can also make a big impact on your glam look. Dust some glitter eyeshadow over your lids and your eyes suddenly sparkle and shine, people will actually look you in the eye when speaking to you. It's simply irresistible! 

And who doesn't love glitter nail polish? Even the shyest of girls can pull off this trend and it's so easy.

The glitter nail art movement is here (yes, we said movement!). Here is a step-by-step how to achieve your own glitter nail art at home. And, it's not at all difficult!

Step 1:
File the nails first, then apply cuticle softener. Next, place your hands in warm soapy water. Take a metal pusher or an orange stick wrapped in cotton at the tip, dip in the water or polish remover and gently push the cuticle at the base of your nail back to form a smile line.

Step 2:
Apply basecoat. Always. Why? It makes your manicure last longer and protects your nails from staining. It also helps the polish color pop more. You can tell you have a bad basecoat when you take off your polish and your nails are yellow. Invest in a good basecoat.

Step 3:
Pick a polish color of your choice. The darker color, the more the glitter will show up but here we chose nude for a sophisticated look. It a look you can wear to the office and wear out at night. Choose your nude shade based on your skin color. If you're a pale, go peachy. If you're tan, go for a neutral taupe. If you're brown, go for a sheer pink.

Step 4:
Always apply two coasts (it lasts much longer), and never allow the brush to touch the cuticle. Although, it's not an unmitigated disaster if you do just avoid the cuticle. If you do get any polish on the cuticle it will just come right off in the shower, particularly when you wash your hair. Don't take a shower for at least four hours after your mani though, or better yet the next day. Hot water is nail polishes natural born enemy. It cause shrinkage at the tip and encourages chipping.

Step 5:
After two coats of nude polish, let your nails dry completely. You need to work on dry nails because if your polish is still wet you'll leave brush tracks in the nail when you go to add glitter.

Step 6:
Wet your brush again and again remove excess polish, and about a third of the way up the nail make a U-shape down from the edge across the nail, lightly covering all the way across.

Step 7:
Then using a very loaded brush, you make a French tip with a layer of glitter.

Step 8:
Take the more coarse glitter polish, get a good scoop of it and go to town! Dab one stroke all the way down and rest stays mostly at the tip. With the bigger glitter pieces. You can slide them around while they're wet with your fingertip if the brush happens to dump a large clump. 

Step 9:
Always add a top coat, it helps your nail art last longer.

File your nails at least once a week and every time you change your polish. It will make them strong and keep them from snagging.

Have a shiny New Year!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweater Weather

Post Hurricane Sandy has caused the weather temperatures to drop dramatically and it's down right chilly out there which means it's officially.....

Our favorite thing about autumn is not just the delicious crisp air and the leaves changing color, we get to take out our favorite sweaters. Yes! Fall fashion is in full swing! And if you're anything like us, a day of shopping for fall favorites followed by some warm butternut squash soup and hot apple cider is a perfect seasonal day.

When the opportunity comes along to flaunt your favorite cozy staple as a trend, we'll take it and run with it! For us, this means we're going to be rocking the over-sized sweater six days out of seven. It also means we need to stop styling it with sweatpants and at-home headbands.

But, after spending some time studying the fall runways, we've found the solution: Chic ways to wear over-sized sweaters without looking like a potato sack. 

The trick is to always style the heavy knits and bulky shapes with sleek and slim or short-fitting bottoms like miniskirts, cropped trousers, leggings and skinny jeans. Once you've mastered the silhouette, elevate your look with pretty shoes and costume jewelry, and your over-sized sweaters will feel right at home no matter where you go....without making it look like you're actually sitting around at home.

With the wide assortment of options out there, we know firsthand that the task of deciding which knit essential to buy can seem overwhelming. Good news: we combed the market for the season's top sweater trends and gathered the best styles for you to try now. Yes, there are some splurges in the mix, but we found affordable option too, which means there's a sweater for everyone and every budget.

If your sweater collection is currently stocked with all the basics, consider investing in one with 3-D detailing. These subtle statement-makers are an easy way to introduce texture into your repertoire. Since they often demand the spotlight, keep the rest of your ensemble minimal with a pair of standard tuxedo pants for a polished finish.

Animal Print
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my - more like, oh yes! It's a real animal planet out there, both on the runways and on the streets. Animal prints seem to never go out of style and reappear every season, a great investment and statement piece. Whether they're single, over-sized graphics or patterns they are making their mark on fall fashion. These prints are a cool contrast to sleek and sophisticated pieces, such as a leather pencil skirt and patent heels.

Sweaters with distinctive digital designs and patchwork prints are like a grown-up version of graphic t-shirts. In other words, they offer an easy way to increase intrigue in a humdrum closet. In keeping with their fashion-forward look, style them with a pair of printed jeans for a look-at-me-now outcome.

The versatility of a comfortable-yet-elegant fisherman knit makes this sweater a closet essential every year. Take a cue from the Michael Kors runway and juxtapose its casual vibe with a delicate skirt, or embrace its rustic roots and pair it with corduroys and rugged boots for the weekend. They even look sweet with a short flirty skirt. Have fun and play with it!

~ Keep Warm ~

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Now that we are reaching the end of what has proven to be a horrific week for so many people, We wanted to say that our hearts are with everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. It goes without saying that the storm and its aftermath has affected so many people and businesses throughout the East Coast and beyond. Most importantly, though, this is a moment to wish you, your friends, and loved ones well. 

We are happy to say that our New York staff is safe and continues to be through this difficult time. We are working hard to update our blog. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

To help relief efforts, we've made a donation to The American Red Cross. You can donate @

If you safely weathered the storm and are able to donate time or money, please do so. Not all of our friends, family and neighbors were so lucky.

To volunteer immediately, email with your name, email address, and borough. Someone will contact you with ways to help today and over the next week. The Red Cross is also looking for shelter volunteers; visit for sign-up information. For opportunities in the coming months, go to

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those seriously affected by the storm and with the first responders.

~ God bless you ~

Friday, October 19, 2012


With every new season, there comes a fresh wave of color for us to sink our teeth into, and the forecast for the upcoming months is permeated with deep burgundy. Dubbed "oxblood" by the fashion world, the Bordeaux hue was one of the biggest trends on the Fall 2012 runways. But don't let the creepy name throw you -- it's just the latest spin on burgundy, a rich Merlot red that's bold yet classic and easy to wear. It's a beautiful alternative to more mundane neutrals like brown. It's richer, more noticeable and combines well with gold hardware, all of which makes oxblood ideal for fall.

Love the color and want to incorporate in into your wardrobe? Well, you're in luck. Oxblood is very easy to assimilate with what you already own in big amounts or small doses. Personally, we love oxblood for leather goods, in shoes and as an accent to neutral colors like grey, navy, tans and our favorite moss green. However, feel free to incorporate this color in a stronger way. A coat in oxblood would be gorgeous for fall as would some great sweaters or even a pair of oxblood jeans. Nail polish and makeup is another way to embrace this trend. Either way, take a bite out of this trendy color.

Fall Palette

Jonathan Saunders pleated dress
$2,645 -

Dorothy perkin
$29 -

Dorothy Perkins pencil skirt

Cross shoulder bag

Nars cosmetic


Clarins matte eyeshadow

Bobbi brown cosmetic

Friday, October 5, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013

After four weeks of shows, we've finally reached the end of spring 2013 season and it definitely closed out with a bang. For months, the industry had been buzzing about the arrival of the popular designers at two of the biggest fashion houses in the world, Raf Simons at Dior and Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent. Both the same age, 44, and they established their careers roughly at the same time. We call it a "Paris Face Off" and it was the talk of the town.

Raf Simon - Dior
The show was held in a vast white cube that had been erected on one side of the Hotel National des Invalides, practically at the doorstep of Napoleon's tomb. Inside, the space was divided into more intimate rooms, with bright lighting, white carpeting and pastel-curtained windows placed randomly in the walls so that guests could see into the neighboring rooms. Simon's collection broke free from the past (both Dior and his own) with clothes that had freedom of movement, creating new shapes and jackets, some based on a tuxedo, that were long enough to be worn as coats. And he created short dresses with a combination of electric and pastel colors, some made of a fabric that looked like cellophane. The reviews are in and they were exceptional, "well worth every drop of anticipation and every second of the wait" and "a triumph of 21st century modernism." Retailers who had never carried the line have been sending him notes asking for appointments. The show was a total success! Simons wiped away the gloom left by John Galliano's unceremonious exit, but also because, as the critics said, he understood the vision of Christian Dior and interpreted it in his own modern way.

Hedi Slimane - Saint Laurent
In the months, before the show, he changed the name of the house from YSL to Saint Laurent, designed a new logo and, most controversially, decided to base his studio in Los Angeles, rather than the Paris Atelier. Of course, intrigue and mystery has always surrounded the house of Saint Laurent since its founding in the early 1960's. The show, held in a black-swathed gallery in the rafters of the Grand Palais, the setting was very dark. Slimane's look echoed the sort of bohemian chic of long caftans, peasant blouses, frilly bows, tiered skirts and fringed jackets that Mr. Saint Laurent designed in the 1970's. His fellow designers praised the collection for being "very Saint Laurent" and retailers appeared enthusiastic about the collection. But the collection was not entirely well received. Although Slimane's signature skinny suits were there, in the form of tuxedos the collection was not what critics expected, some compared it to the style of Rachel Zoe, a Hollywood stylist. Of course, she was totally flattered and wanted to wear every piece from his collection. Despite what the critics thought, we loved the collection, it was youthful, classic, and electric.

Dior and Saint Laurent grabbed a lot of attention, so designers went big to draw attention to their collections. Karl Lagerfeld installed multi-story white windmills at the Grand Palais for the Chanel runway show. They turned slowly and gave the Art Nouveau building a suddenly contemporary appeal. This was a collection powered on both color and volume. The show opened with black skirts that hung away from the body and jackets dotted with gumball-sized pearls. Slim trousers appeared to have constructed of a kind of mesh, the tiny holes aerating the physique. The pants were often topped with cropped jackets that were loose and light-hearted. 

The collection was at its best! We loved it, when it moved from black and white into denim and Technicolor with red-checked baseball-style jackets, printed shirt dresses in an oversize silhouette and beach playwear in shades of cobalt and violet. And who couldn't miss the over-sized accessories, the circle Chanel bags were to die for, Karl Lagerfeld was at the top of his game.

Marc Jacobs installed four escalators on the runway for Louis Vuitton. 

But in the case of Jacobs, there was method to the madness. The escalators were a site-specific installation by French conceptual artist Daniel Buren, known for creating art in public spaces. Models came out in pairs, walking lock step, descending and ascending the escalators at once, as if on a never-ending loop. The Mod, 1960's. Rather than just a themed fashion show, this was performance art. But the clothes were lovely, reinforcing the graphic message of the season, which Jacobs began in New York with his own collection.

The overall workmanship and beauty of the collections reaffirmed that Paris is the fashion capital of the world.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

Top Trends from NYFW 

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and now we're left to sift through the many, many different trends we saw on the Spring 2013 runways and decipher which are the most influential for the coming season. All the fashion shows presented lots of fresh trends that have real potential to last - sporty references, sheer layering, powerful prints, bold stripes, awesome denim and leather are just some of the trends we spotted on the runways from American designers like Jason Wu, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors and Proenza Schouler. Additionally, there were a plethora of chic black and white color combinations,'90s-inspired oversized silhouettes, and metallic sheens (we all love a little shine, right?). Here are our favorite NYFW trends.

Sporty Girl

Spring Leather

Sheer Details

Standing Stripes

Cut Outs


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Denim Trends

Summer to Fall

Time to edit our wardrobes from Summer to Fall with our favorite fashion staple. We obviously love our blue jeans just as much as the next fashionista, but sometimes they can look, how shall we say, underwhelming. If you too find yourself bored of your baby blues, then let us reassure you of a few new options. After what has felt like an eternity of rehashing the same denim trends over and over....and over, we seem to finally be enjoying a revival of creative jean-ious (sorry, couldn't help it).

Seriously, though, new washes, treatments, and cuts are making this year the most exciting one since the 80's (except this time around, everything is a whole lot prettier). No longer do you only have a choice between distressed and dark denim in the shops - now, the decisions look more like floral, paint-splattered, high-waisted, tapered even metallic.

And since fall 2012 will be no different, and we've complied the five styles we see flying off the shelves first. Here's to being as daring with your jeans as you are with the rest of you wardrobe - now, let's get to shopping!

Coated Denim - with a wet, waxy finish, coated denim is a slick way to get the "leather" look without sacrificing any vegan values or your wallet. And, don't let the texture fool you....they're surprisingly stretchy plus super comfortable!

Fall Florals & Prints - in darker colors, bigger prints, and more wallpaper-like patterns, fall's dark florals feel a lot more grown-up than their pastel-hued spring cousins.

Tapered and Baggy - this fit is the modern update to the boyfriend jean. Cropped and roomy but not frumpy, these pants are meant to be worn with this season's pumps, flats and ankle boots. These jeans are great because they are so versatile.

Polka Dot Jeans - coming in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, the polka-dot jean will save your wardrobe just as many times as summer's polka dot dresses did for you.

Side Panel Jeans - with a tuxedo-pant like stripe down the side or racing stripes, side-panel jeans elongate the legs and instantly jazz up an outfit (our favorite) absolutely love, love, love!

Whatever denim you decide on, you will be investing in a fashion staple. Denim can be worn both dressy and casual. These denim trends came straight from the runway. We love denim, a great trend to wear to New York Fashion Week which starts today!


See you @ New York Fashion Week!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

Love Pink

Love Pink by aprilrain007 featuring a sports trainer

Back to school is always tricky with the fashion trends quickly changing from season to season. For a fashionista, it's a constant challenge, knowing what's hot, what's not and how long it will stay. In the 70's was bell bottoms; the 80's brought Members Only jackets; music paved the way for flannel shirts and grunge denim in the 90's. The 21st century has been unique in that along with being a fashion melting pot, new trends are literally at your fingertips. A click on your cell phone or computer, and you know what celebs are wearing, which styles are debuting in New York, Paris, Milan and what's happening in your hometown. These trends are for everyone not just for students. Enjoy!!!
Color Your Closet
Fall/Winter fashion often means neutral tones -- browns, blacks, gray and ivory but for 2012, designers are jazzing things up with color, so be prepared to get blinded when you go to the mall. Tangerine, bright blues, pink and purple are just a few of the colors; you'll see on the racks in 2012. You can accomplish a lot by using trendy separates. Spice things up with brightly colored accessories like a belt, scarf or shoes. Colorize your ensemble by putting a bright orange sweater with your black pants or a purple over-sized top with your gray leggings. Brightly colored pants (including denim) are another big fashion trend for 2012, so pair a neutral top with your eye-popping pants. Winter may be the season of snowy landscapes and gray, drizzly day, but these splashes of color will keep things radiant all year long.

Jazz Up Your Jeans
You can't discuss fashion without mentioning denim, a staple that keeps reinventing itself. For 2012, skinny jeans are as popular as ever. Now, you don't have to be skinny to wear these. Skinny jeans can work with almost any body type because they flatten and smooth out your bottom half; consider them Spanx you wear on the outside! And these skinny jeans are versatile -- long cardigans, blazers, hoodies, and that standard button-down shirt are great partners for them. 

Boyfriend jeans are another popular denim style for 2012. The antithesis of skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans are roomy, comfortable and causal. Since these jeans are loose and conceal more of your figure, you'll want to pair them with a slim-looking top or a fitted layered look. After all, a head-to-toe boxy look won't make you look stylish; it'll make you look like a box.

Another 2012 style that will be seen in schools everywhere is denim leggings, or jeggings. Jeggings are stylish yet comfortable -- no worries about squeezing into your favorite denims because these jeans are soft and stretchy. Like leggings, these jeans go with almost anything -- big sweaters, over-sized blouses, jackets and hoodies. 

Get Posh With Prints
Prints are another fashion trend that is everywhere in 2012. Designers are seeing just how crazy they can go with prints, and retailers love it. Racks are filled with abstracts, tribal, plaids, leopard, snake, stripes, polka dots and much more. They are appearing on everything from T-shirts, button downs, dresses, coats to rain boots and ballet flats.

The great aspect of prints is you can go all out, wear a block pattern shift dress or floral sundress or simply add a few separates to spice up your wardrobe. A tribal patterned sleeveless top with your skinny jeans, a plaid jacket with solid-colored pants, or a striped T with capris are great ensembles. Or, just choose a printed handbag. With a myriad of prints this year, there is definitely something for everyone.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize
Flip through the pages of Vogue, Glamour or InStyle, and there'll be advice on finding a knock-off Blake Lively purse or Kim Kardashian's earrings. Because though you might have the outfit, you still need the accessories! Now, unlike the tabloid stars, your classmates probably aren't sporting Birkin bags or Harry Winston jewels, but in 2012, what will they be wearing?
  • Bangle Bracelets: Cuffs and chunky silver and gold bracelets are all the rage. Pile them on so that people can hear you coming. Whether it's a slim gold bangle or a textured, silver cuff, wristwear is in style this year.
  • Big Brooches: Channel your inter Blair (Gossip Girl) and add a big shiny brooch to your sweater. (floral is a great brooch approach.) You can also add a smaller one to a black sweater or jacket, or pin on several, as long as they're concentrated in one area of your outfit.
  • Woven handbags: Wicker and raffia are all the rage at design houses like Givenchy, Proenza Schouler and Emilio Pucci. Large roomy shoulder bags and brightly colored clutches are also popular.
  • Hair pins: Sparkly colors like gold, black or platinum, these hair pins can be worn along or with several at a time. You can even alternate sizes. Use hairspray for a look that won't move, as you place these on the side opposite your part.
Choose a Chunky Knit
Sweater styles have long extended beyond mohair, cable-knit and cardigan; now you have ankle length coats, cropped tops, and everything in between. With skinny jeans and leggings compressing our bottom halves, it's ok to add a little weight and texture to our upper body, and big chunky sweaters are the perfect way to do this. Throw on a long, belted duster with a camisole top, leggings and your boots, and you're set for a comfy Sunday at home. A nubby, brightly colored sweater with a long tee underneath goes great with a mini or a maxi skirt; pair it with ballet flats and a layered necklace, and you've got a date look or night out with your girlfriends. For some extra flair, add faux fur at the collar and cuffs.

Step Out in Sleepwear
You know those days when you just don't want to get out of bed and get dressed? Well, now you don't have to! loungewear as everyday clothing continues to hang around in 2012. That girl at the grocery store or the mall who is sporting plaid flannels and a T-shirt didn't forget to get dressed, she's embracing the loungewear trend. And designers are getting in on the act. Rachel Roy sported her jammie pants with Manolo Blahniks at a movie premier. The New York fashion label and retail store Rag & Bone is another designer embracing the lounge look, and they'll have plenty of cardigan and comfy PJ bottom displayed along with Old Navy, the Gap, Aeropostale and Victoria's Secret Pink. And if you don't want your pajama pants to look too much like pajamas, there is that strange hybrid, the pajama jeans as seen on TV.

Embrace Femininity
2012 is about letting your inner girlie-girl shine through. While the androgynous look of straight pants and boyfriend jeans still lives on, this year is also about ruffles and frills, sugar and spice and everything nice. Puffy shoulders and peplums on jackets and shirts, recycled styles from the 1980's are some examples of feminine flair that you'll see this year. In case you don't know, a peplum is strip of fabric attached to a top and flared at the waistline. This look goes great with a skirt, pair of jeans or your favorite leggings. Continuing the girlie trend, design houses like Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior are playing up pleats and lace, and young celebs are sporting lace on the red carpet. Pair a lace dress with tights and boots or a brightly colored lace top with black pants, and you'll be set for a date or a movie with friends. If you follow the runways, you'll notice that design houses like Zac Posen and Alexander McQueen are embracing their feminine sides with silhouette and hourglass shaped dresses and blouses. Rather than covering up our curves, this is the year to flaunt them!

Finish Your Look with Fancy Footwear
Boots have been popular over the last several years, and 2012 is no different. So, if you're looking for something new in bootwear, here are just a few trends.
  • Textures: Textured leather is a popular look. You can go big and clunky with squared-off heels or toes, sophisticated with pointed toes and kitten heels or anywhere in between. Features like shiny buckles, lace-ups and zippers add a little extra something.
  • Go colorful: As we've mentioned, color is making a splash, even on your feet -- red, purple and other brightly colored boots are on the runways. This is one trend where it pays to go the faux-leather route. Today's yellow suede boots could be tomorrow's yard-sale donation.
  • High and lows: Thigh-high boots are in for 2012. These boots come just over the knee, and you can pair them with a mini-skirt, leggings or skinny jeans. On the other end of the spectrum, you've got ankle boots or booties. Whether they're flat, heeled or wedged, booties are a cute look and go great with pants.
What other kicks will classmates show off in 2012?
  • Brightly colored sneakers may have you reaching for your sunglasses to cut down on the glare. Pair neon green or yellow high tops with your favorite pair of jeans and a casual cotton hoodie.
  • Ballet flats are no longer just for arabesques; this fashion staple has been around for a while but has some new twists this year. Try bright patent leather in a bold red or blue to add excitement to a casual outfit or extra flare to a dressier look. Or, to jungle fever with an animal print on your prima ballerina flats. It's a stylish but understated way to embrace the print craze.
  • Sandals for those who want to bare a little more. Trendy pastels like pale aqua, light yellow and rose will be in style, but the recurring fashion theme of bright, bold colors for 2012 will show in sandal wear as well. Sandal will shine with metallics, gold and silver and don't be surprised if you see extra accents like lacing, rivets, buckles and braids.
A special shout out to NYU!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Hair

Summer Hair

As the heat continues to rise around the country this summer, it can reek havoc on our hair. Humidity, chlorine, UV damage - the warmer weather ushers in a host of hair ravagers and abuse, but we've managed to track down some of the most enviable and easy ways to help your hair this summer.

Face Humidity Fearlessly
The balmy summer usually means frizzy-strand city. To keep unmanageable strands from cramping your style, treat your locks to a weekly hair masque. Not only will this keep your strands smooth, will also deliver a volume control effect that will render humidity powerless.
We recommend: Klorane Hair Mask with Papyrus Milk, $25.

Combat Chlorine
While lounging by the pool don't let the threat of chlorine green make you afraid to take a dip - blondies, we're talking to you! Avoid color damage by shampooing immediately after a swim, and then treat your hair to a moisture fortifying mask. For serious lap swimmers, coat your hair with a moisturizing conditioner before putting on your swim cap and diving in. 
We recommend: Davines Su Pak Nourishing Moisturizing Mask, $15.

UV Protection Savvy
When temperatures rise, clothes come off and we spend more and more time in the sun. Extended sun exposure can lead to dry, brittle strands. Fighting Brillo pad texture starts in the shower with nourishing, moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. Top if off with a some SPF hair protection.
We recommend: Wen Cleansing Conditioner, $32 and Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, $24.

Keep Split Ends at Bay
Yes, sunshine is an incredible source of vitamin D but it's also murder on the hair, causing dry ends and damaged follicles - both of which result in split ends. Begin defending your locks before even leaving the house by using a detangler and a smoothing creme. It's your first line of defense against damage.
We recommend: Patene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Silkening Detangler, $4 and Pantene Pro-V Straighten & Smooth Creme, $6.

Wage War on Oil
Thin or straight hair tends to go hand in hand with an oily scalp, mix in a little perspiration and your mane will take on a less than sexy, greasy sheen. To avoid the oil slick, make dry shampoo a part of your summertime hair routine - they absorb oils secreted by sebaceous glands in your scalp, keeping your roots dry.
We recommend: Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo, $16.

Give a Little Bounce
Keep your curls loose and vibrant this summer by adding a dime sized amount of gel to your locks before heat styling. The effect will not only help you keep the shape of your curls but will ensure that strands stay shinny and smooth on the most humid of days.
We recommend: L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Silky Curls Gel, $3.

Show Your True Colors
Protecting your perfect, unnatural "natural" shade is a year round job - especially for red heads - but add hot summer rays, and even the most subtle hues fade faster. Applying a high-shine, color protecting cream will seal each hair cuticle ensuring that colors keeps longer.
We recommend: Ojon Color Sustain Color Protecting Cream, $24.

Max Out the Volume
Don't fall flat this season. Go old school by adding a little mousse to damp hair before styling. Yes, we said mousse. Work a large dab of the styler through hair with a wide tooth comb, starting at the roots, for full, sexy movie star tresses.
We recommend: Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse, $22.

Shine On
Take advantage of summer's non-stop rays and amp up of the sheen of your tresses. Transform dull locks with a few sprays of a shine mist - a little goes a long way, giving you envy-inducing shine.
We recommend: Kerastase Chroma Cristal Shine Perfecting Mist, $25.

Add Some Salt
One of the sexiest looks to hit the beach with this summer is tousled, "salty" waves. To achieve this laid-back, beach bunny look, add a little bit of rough body and grittiness to hair with a ocean salt spray or surf-styling creme.
We recommend: Bb Texture Hair (Un)dressing Creme, $26 or try this....

DIY: Sea Salt Spray For Beachy Waves
Try this simple, homemade salt spray to give your hair an extra boost of volume and add texture to your waves. 

What you'll need:
3 squirts Hair Gel
3 teaspoons Sea Salt
1/4 tsp Coconut Oil
1 cup Warm Water
Spray Bottle

1. Pour all of the ingredients into a spray bottle.
2. Shake, shake, shake the spray bottle until ingredients are mixed well.
3. Generously spray salt water onto damp hair (preferably clean, towel dried hair).
4. Let hair air day OR braid your hair and let it dry. Then, take out your braid, scrunch your hair and enjoy the light, soft, beachy waves.

Optional: For thick hair, add additional salt until desired effect is achieved. Also, you can add lemon juice to the mixture to create natural-looking highlights.

*Love Your Summer Hair*