Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pop Beauty - Winter/Holiday

Straight from the U.K. Pop Beauty by Sara Strand creates some beautiful winter/holiday looks. Always make your makeup or style pop with color, glitter or anything your little heart desires. Be bold and confident with your choices, if ever in doubt wear red lipstick -- go for it!!! These looks are easy to create just follow the instructions and use the appropriate products. This makeup will photograph fantastic for those holiday photos and selfies. You'll have instant glamor and a look that will be unforgettable -- make it POP!!!

1. Start by brushing Velvet Powder Base all over complexion using a fluffy powder brush. Focus especially on T-zone and keep blending until you have a soft cashmere finish.
2. Dampen a synthetic eye liner brush and dip into the black pigment in Brow Shape & Shade. Apply this as a liquid liner, pressing the brush into the roots of the lashes, following your natural lash line. Wing the line upward and outward at the outer corners of the eyes, also making the line much thicker and dramatic there. The final result should be a gradually thickened and perfectly winged shadow liner that makes the eyes appear almond shaped.
3. Dip an eye shadow blending brush into the deepest brown in Brow Shape & Shade. Brush into the crease of the eye and blend until seamless. Next dust the Pure Pigment in Crystal Glitz onto lids and into the inner corner of the eye.
4. Curl lashes and apply the Peak Performance Mascara in segments. Apply one layer and then let it dry before applying the next. Fan lashes outward, building until you have an almost faux lash effect.
5. Finish the look off by dabbing your favorite hue from Rouge Mix onto apples of the cheeks and blend well. Also, smooth a fresh pink from the same palette onto lips and you are ready for the next holiday party!

Pretty Winter Purple

1. Use the hues in the No Show Camouflage Fix to mix together a hue that is just slightly lighter then your skin tone. Then use clean fingertips to dab onto the under eye area & eyelids, around the nose & chin, and anywhere else you need a little coverage. Follow with your favorite POP base.

2. Now, brush the deep purple in the Bright Up Your Life Smokin’ Hot palette all over the lid and into the lower lash line. Follow with the charcoal from the same palette, blending into the crease, then upward and outward toward the outer corner of the eye – this creates a subtle and blended “flick” with the shadow. Blend well.

3. Dust the Pure Pigment in Matte Purple all over lid, crease and into the inner corner of the eye for extra purple oomph!

4. Curl lashes and apply Peak Performance Mascara in layers. Press the comb into the lash root to create an instant eye lining effect as well! 

5. Finish off with a slick of the pink BB Lip Balm onto lips – also dab a tiny bit onto apples of the cheeks for a slight hint of colour!

Get creative with the palette and create a stunning cat eye!

Happy Holidays