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Here Comes the Bride

Here Comes the Bride

Here Comes the Bride by aprilrain007 

The summer season has always been one of the most popular times to get married, the weather is nice and you can pretty much wear any style gown on your wedding day. So in celebration of all things summer, we rounded up our top five trends for wedding dresses. And we use the word trend very these ideas are definitely here to stay.

This summer is all about pretty hues, blushy pinks, pale grays and even shots of black are taking center stage with style savvy brides. We love that these colors give girls an alternative to white or ivory and provide a perfectly beautiful foundation that can inspire your entire wedding palette. Designers are experimenting with colored wedding gowns. Solid pink dresses and pastel dresses are popular, appearing on many spring/summer runways this year.

After Kate Middleton set the tone with elegant lace sleeves, we knew this style would become a mainstay in gown design. But those gorgeous lace beauties have inspired varieties of many, with sleeves crafted from delicate and often times intricate fabrics gracing gowns everywhere. Aside from offering a modest bride more options then ever, this style is simultaneously current and utterly timeless. We saw Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn don pretty sleeved wedding dresses and now we're celebrating a whole new take on this classic. Love, love, love!

Illusion necklines (Victorian styles)
There is something wildly sexy about an illusion neckline. The idea that it's covering up without covering everything is perfect for a wedding. And with fabrics running the gamut of sweet and delicate to more substantial beading and lace, there is an illusion neckline for every type of bride. The Victorian styles are an inspiration for the 2012 bridal season. Long, full skirts paired with corsets, chokers and high necklines was seen all over the bridal runways this season.

Lace, lace and more lace (and a whole lot of texture)
The detail on wedding gowns from the last couple of seasons has been awe-inspiring, not to mention that the lace is getting more and more beautiful. From fitted and modern to classic and timeless complete with delicate sheer accents and trains for days, the application of lace is so versatile and so stunning.

Fabric detailing and layer upon layer of ruffles
Dreamy fabric ruffles are the gold standard in our book. Layers of lightweight fabric dancing in the breeze, flirting with everyone while still being firmly planted in tradition. And layers of ruffles aren't even the half of it this season. Fabric details are off the charts, from intricate knotting to sweet floral accents, the handwork is outstanding. 

But if you're in search of something trendy and unique this wedding season, be sure to check out two-tier style dresses. This style dress feature two layers that will create an avant-garde feel to your wedding. 

For those brides to be that love to show off their curves, be sure to try dresses with mermaid silhouettes. This style gown is perfect for showing off a curvy figure. It will also bring attention to your hips and legs.

The trend of having a separate reception dress shows no sign of stopping. Many brides will choose to have a fuller, more ornate dress for their ceremony, and a shorter or more casual dress for the reception. It is clear that the latter should be much more relaxed and fun. Kate Middleton choose this for her wedding and made quite a statement. This is a trend that's here to stay.

Where ever you decide to have your wedding, at the beach, in the city, in the country, or even in Vegas....STAY ON TREND this wedding season.

Vegas Bride

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